Universal Platform

Axoni’s platform serves as the underlying framework to integrate with enterprise systems and includes AxCore, our distributed ledger technology, to seamlessly share and synchronize data between institutions.

Data Standards

We implement standardized data formats to represent trades, reference information, and identities, employing and contributing to open frameworks wherever possible.

Vendor Integrations

By leveraging our infrastructure and data standards, vendors can access entire markets and end users can access a wide range of vendors, all through a single integration.

Deployment Flexibility

Axoni networks can be accessed through our secure hosted environments for the fastest and easiest onboarding, or through local deployments of Axoni software for deep integrations with local infrastructure.


  • full data privacy
    full data privacy

    Data is shared with only the relevant counterparties for a given transaction

  • high throughput
    high throughput

    Proven at the scale of FX markets

  • perpetual reconciliation
    perpetual reconciliation

    Counterparties are always synchronized on data and events

  • service provider integrations
    service provider integrations

    Limited read or write access can be granted to permissioned third parties

  • full lifecycle management
    full lifecycle management

    Fully automated lifecycle event management and inherent auditability

  • full stack software solution
    full stack software solution

    Installation packages, APIs, graphical interfaces, and documentation

  • modular architecture
    modular architecture

    Designed for large-scale systems, offering dynamic implementation options

  • regulatory reporting
    regulatory reporting

    Ability to provide read-only access to regulatory entities