Axoni Welcomes Distributed Cryptography Specialist John Maheswaran, Ph.D.


Axoni is pleased to welcome the newest member of our technical team, Dr. John Maheswaran. John brings a wide range of applicable experience, including an academic specialization in cryptography for distributed systems, as well professional experience with market-leading trade execution software.

Prior to joining Axoni, John worked as a software engineer at Bloomberg. While there he was primarily focused on the development of their equity execution platform. John worked on improving system performance, reliability and throughput.

Before Bloomberg, John earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Yale University where he was awarded a Yale University Fellowship; received NSF and DARPA grants for four consecutive years; and was advised by Professor Bryan Ford, who oversaw Yale’s Decentralized and Distributed Systems group.

John’s dissertation was focused on cryptographic security and identity management in distributed systems, titled Building Privacy Preserving Cryptographic Credentials from Federated Online Identities. For the dissertation he architected and implemented Crypto-Book, wherein he employed cryptographic ring signatures such that a user could draw on combined authentication across multiple hosts to form a federated, single authentication for a target computer system.

While completing his Ph.D. at Yale, John also worked on Google’s Billing Security Team where he helped implement a new cryptography library, as well as designed and developed a key management system for the new framework.

John received his undergraduate and master’s degrees in Computer Science from Cambridge University, where he completed a dissertation on ubiquitous computing and graduated with First Class Honors.