Axoni Launches to Provide Permissioned Ledger Technology


Today marks the official launch of Axoni, a capital markets technology firm specializing in distributed ledger infrastructure. Axoni has been working diligently with some of the world’s largest financial institutions, many for as long as eighteen months, in an effort to bring blockchain technology to global capital markets.

In addition to our public launch, we’re pleased to also announce an engagement with ICAP. The Axoni team has been working in collaboration with ICAP’s Post Trade Risk and Information division to optimize post-trade workflows in the foreign exchange market. For more information, please see our latest update.

Axoni’s increasing market reach has been driven by a unique combination of expertise spanning blockchain technology and capital markets. In particular, advanced solutions for scaling, throughput, privacy, life cycle management, and external connectivity have made Axoni’s technological implementations stand out in an otherwise crowded market.

The team behind Axoni is best known for founding, building and operating TradeBlock, the world’s leading provider of institutional tools for transacting in assets on public blockchains. As the trend towards permissioned ledger systems has increased, so too has the time spent by the team now employed by Axoni. For those reliant on TradeBlock’s market-leading services, both companies will continue to exist as separate entities. More info about the future of TradeBlock can be found here.